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Real Associates

Investment opportunity in Swedish real estate

Real Associates invests into residential and development real estate in selected sectors and regions of Sweden. For further details please contact us

Real Associates Funds

Emerging Europe
Started in 2006 the fund invests into core Swedish real estate residential properties, with some development exposure. Since inception in 2006 it has consistently outperformed the FTSE and the IPD Pan European index.

West Coast Development
Recently launched in 2013 the fund invests into Swedish west coast development opportunities.

Solid performance The solid performance can be explained by a number of factors. The careful selection of regions, sectors and properties within Sweden. The resilience and positive outlook for the Swedish economy, residential real estate and the Swedish Krona. The emphasis towards residential income generating properties. The continuing focus on active management, added value and cost control.

Future Outlook Sweden offers unique opportunities since the residential sector is undergoing a structural transformation. Privatisation and deregulation are providing extraordinary opportunities, dramatically changing this heavily subsidised and controlled sector.
The situation in Sweden is now stable with access to finance again becoming available. As a result property transaction volumes are strong and Sweden has emerged from recession with a strong banking sector and macro fundamentals.

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